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Commit to lead the southeast over the next decade in increasing attainment of 2- and 4-year degrees or a credential with labor market value.

North Carolina’s current bachelor’s degree attainment is 29% of the adult population (age 25+).  Our goal for bachelor’s degree attainment as a percentage of the state’s population is 37% by 2025 which will put North Carolina in the top ten in the country for individuals with a bachelor’s degree.  As a state, we need clear steps to achieve this goal and to significantly increase degrees and credentials to make NC workforce competitiveness for company location and job growth.   We need to be getting more value out of investments in our community colleges and universities. They should be ensuring that dramatically more students complete/achieve degrees and credentials.

Steps to achieve these goals include:

  • Increasing accountability for the UNC system and state community colleges for degree/credential completion; focusing on improving cost per degree and reallocating funds to improve completion numbers.
  • Developing a statewide plan with clear goals for completion and productivity.
  • Overhauling remedial education and rethink high school to college transition