Our children are entering a more dynamic, more connected world, and they deserve an education to match. We know that real opportunity for every child has to begin before the schoolhouse door, with quality early childhood opportunities. Preparing the next generation is our greatest shared responsibility, and the men and women who teach in our schools should be respected and held accountable as professionals. We know what works in our classrooms, and we need to give our teachers and principals the tools to get the job done. 

The last century saw a remarkable expansion in access to primary education, helping propel growth and prosperity in North Carolina and across the country. This century will demand even more of us, and we have to make sure our colleges and universities are ready to serve increasing demand for higher education. Tuition-free community college is a promise we can make to all talented high school graduates, along with university tuition that is affordable for any family in the state.

Everything begins with a sound, basic education. It’s time to strengthen that promise for a new era.