North Carolinians are living longer, more productive lives. Making quality health care available at every stage will be one of the defining challenges of our era, one that our state has the resources and the know-how to meet. We have long recognized the value of world-class health and medicine, building some of the finest hospitals, medical schools, and research labs anywhere in the world. It’s time to ensure that all North Carolinians benefit from those investments.

For our youngest residents, that means paid family leave to ensure a healthy start in life, well-trained school nurses and plenty of physical activity to keep the K12 years on track, and stronger oversight of insurers to protect consumer choice. In an aging state, our senior citizens will need more in-home care, greater help managing long-term conditions, and support for the rural and community hospitals that provide vital services. And there is still a silent crisis in mental health, which leaves too many families struggling in the shadows.