North Carolina Roadmap 2025 is a program designed to develop a forward-looking vision with policy options for North Carolina’s future leaders and decision makers to consider. Roadmap 2025 is sponsored by Think NC First, a nonpartisan policy and message development think tank that serves as a reliable source of evidence-based research for state policy makers.

The first phase of the project brought together business and community leaders and policy experts to craft a menu of policy ideas for the state in five subject areas:

Quality Education, Economic Growth & Opportunity, Healthy Families, Clean Energy & Environment and Robust & Accessible Infrastructure 

The second phase of the project is an open-source approach to policy development. Through our web-based format and ability to capture comments, we have created a structure for gathering input from thought leaders, policy experts, practitioners and citizens that will help Think NC First staff broaden, deepen, and revise the policy proposals.

The policy recommendations as presented here are intended to be a menu of ideas and a starting point for discussion. They are divided into two categories: 

  • Roadmap 2025 – Paving the Way.  These policy recommendations are founded in research and often have examples from other states.
  • Roadmap 2025 – Under Construction.  Policy recommendations in these sections are more conceptual in nature and should be the basis for discussion.

Think NC First and its Board of Directors does not strictly endorse any of the specific recommendations, but have provided an open-source process for generating new ideas.

We invite you to offer feedback on all policy recommendations that will be critical in considering the options for North Carolina.

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