Quality Education

Everything begins with a sound, basic education. It’s time to strengthen that promise for a new era.

Economic Growth & Opportunity

A healthy economy has to work for all North Carolinians, not just the lucky few.

Healthy Families

Making quality health care available at every stage will be one of the defining challenges of our era.

Clean Energy & Environment

Preserve the clean air, safe water, and enduring beauty that characterize our quality of life.

Robust & Accessible Infrastructure

Better infrastructure makes our state an easier place to do business and a better place to call home.

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A Plan For The Future

Roadmap 2025 offers ideas for a new direction.  Focused, effective action can strengthen our civic institutions, build crucial infrastructure, and make North Carolina a more inviting place to live and work. With sound ideas and the research to back them, our leaders can map out a better future for all North Carolinians.